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Simplicity is a critical element in approaching any challenge. How do you simplify the issues so you can address them? FIRMPersuasion specializes in distilling the essence of complex organizational challenges.

We have a four step approach to problem solving:

Step 1

Assess Current State
Where are we today? Who are the players: customers or employees? What is our story? Our value? Our product?

Step 2

Determine Desired State
Where do we want to be? In six months? 12 months? 24 months? What do we look like? Who are we serving? What are the barriers?

Step 3

Develop Roadmap
How do we get there? What people, processes, tools do we need? What's the plan?

Step 4

Execute Plan
Take the steps necessary to actualize your vision. Spend the money. Hire the people. Alocate your resources.

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