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  Online Healthcare Services
Convince employers to purchase new online service and offer to employees as an added health benefit. 1) Built sales team
2) Provisioned sales team
3) Managed sales team
4) Helped close deals
Helped grow enrollee base from 800 to nearly 20,000 and secure 10 corporate clients within 7 months.
Build direct corporate sales team across six cities within 4 months. Built candidate profile. Used internet postings to identify candidates. Screened candidates via phone. Conducted interviews and pre-hire evaluations. Account Executives were on-board and trained prior to market launches in Philadelphia and Orlando. Hired post launch in Indianapolis and Chicago.
Provision sales team with corporate selling tools. Refined ROI model and built supporting spreadsheets. Developed employer and broker proposals. Revised sales sheets and sales presentations to support client value proposition. Re-engineered pricing model to reflect market demand. 60 outstanding proposals within five months. Five closed deals.
Manage sales activity across four states. Implemented Salesforce.com for sales automation. Developed lead tracking, activity management, opportunity management and forecasting tools. Ability to analyze activities for effectiveness. Resulted in business model adjustment toward hospital and physician groups.
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