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Assess Current State

Understanding your current state yields profound insights into your future.  Sometimes you just need a slightly different lens through which to view it.  Who are the players: customers and employees?  What is your story?  What are your products? How are they different?  How do you add value? Baseline your status, take a breath and then start asking the hard questions.

Determine Desired State

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.  To define a destination, you must first define a purpose.  Why am I doing this?  Why do we exist?  Do we want to build wealth?  Are we here to make the world a better place?  Can we do both at the same time?  Define your direction in the most personal context possible; after all, it is your business.  Then, define it in terms of your stakeholders: customers and employees.  What will we look like in six months?  12 months?  36 months?  Success must be defined in real, measurable terms.  Financial metrics and market share are relatively easy to measure.  But don't forget the objectives that feed the results: key accounts, new products, specific campaigns.  Paint a vision that is tangible and meaningful.

Develop Roadmap

List all of the barriers.  List all of your resources.  Do you have what you need to overcome the barriers?  Do you know what you need?  Chances are, the answers already lie somewhere within your organization.  Look around and determine what people, processes and tools you need to achieve your objectives.  After you've taken inventory, what is your plan of action?  Who will own what pieces?  You already defined success, what what is failure?  Define it in terms of time and achievement.  Don't plan for the sake of planning; keep it simple and focused on your end in mind.

Execute Plan

The best plans won't add to much if you don't execute.  FIRMPersuasion specializes in execution.  We are equally comfortable implementing a strategic marketing plan as we are making a sales call.  Our flexibility enables us to help you where you need it most.  You decide.

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