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Built to help growing companies find buyers for their products and services, FIRMPersuasion brings focus and process to the business development function. By focusing on the people, processes and tools of your business development organization, we can systematically improve your sales and marketing effectiveness. The FIRMPersuasion approach stems from years of experience working with companies of all sizes. Blending the necessity of financially pragmatic sales approaches with the proven efficiencies of mature organizations, FIRMPersuasion enables growing firms to accelerate revenue generation through smart business development efforts. FIRMPersuasion will help you develop and implement a value-based storyline reflective of a larger, more sophisticated company within the framework of your nimble and flexible organization.

Our Name

Though originally coined by William Blake, the concept of having a firm persuasion was developed more fully by author David Whyte in his book "Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity ". In his book, Whyte describes having a firm persuasion in our work as feeling "That what we do is right for ourselves and good for the world at the exact same time". We adopted the expression as a reflection of our focus on making a difference for our clients while doing work that matters to us.

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